Yusuf Karim

Co-Founder @ AsianFeed & Brown Computer Science '22
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Brown University
Computer Science
Sep 2018 - May 2022
Computer Systems
Creating Modern Web Apps
Functional Programming
User Interfaces & User Experiences
Cybersecurity & Intl. Relations
Probability for Data Analysis
Discrete Math
Over 5000 Lines:
Java - JavaScript - Python
Scala - Swift - OCaml
Matlab - LaTeX
Over 1000 Lines:
C++ - CSS - Kotlin
Android - iOS - MySQL
HubSpot | Software Engineer Intern
Jun 2021 - Present

Overhauled Java CRM export framework for entity external options properties, automating previous hard-coded process for developers. Implemented business units import/export for shared marketing entities and expanded unit and acceptance test coverage, accomplishing #2 product priority.

AsianFeed | Co-Founder & CTO
Feb 2021 - Present

Launched data-driven Asian-centric publication with React CMS and Go backend, gaining 100,000 readers in 2 months and peak 294% weekly growth. Optimized content workflows through automated newsletter A/B testing and dynamic presentation styles, increasing writer output by 31% and reader engagement by 240%.

HubSpot | Software Engineer Intern
Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

Spearheaded development of a React tool to manage the lifecycle of deleted objects in the CRM, used daily by 700+. Implemented search, hard delete, and greater metadata for CRM entities, achieving GDPR compliance and feature parity requested by 150+ customers.

Cress Health | Technical Co-Founder & CTO
Mar 2019 - Feb 2021

Pioneered Callie app development, featuring 100+ meditations, self-care chatbot, employer dashboard, within 5 months. Lead analytics pipeline creation efforts resulting in media recommendations and contextual journaling features as responses to usage patterns, increasing DAU by 45% and session duration by 32%.

Brown University HCI Lab | Research Assistant
Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

Develop SleepCoacher iOS app using Swift and Firebase to research the effectiveness of self-experimentation on mobile platforms. | Software Engineer Intern
Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

Developed React web app to provide companies and startups with on-demand college talent.

Google Code-in | Program Manager & Student Mentor
Nov 2017 — Mar 2019

1 out of 20 mentors chosen as Delegate to Google Code-in 2017 Prize Trip and received Google Certificate of Appreciation. Directed 22 mentors in reviewing 1000+ design, software, and research tasks to educate 820 students in open source and computer science. Redesigned curriculum to teach students through full-stack beginner projects, increasing student participation by 169% and attracting 52% more students than the previous year.

OpenMRS Android Client Project

Collaborated on open-source EMR app providing medical record management for clinics in developing nations. 51 of 1340 international students chosen as Google Code-in Finalist and named as top developer for v2.5 release after increasing bug discovery by 53% and resolving 23 bugs.

GitBio Project

Designed and developed React web app to read GitHub activity using GitHub GraphQL API and display analyzed user data as a portfolio.

Suspense Project

Developed app at Hack@Brown 2019 using React Native and MongoDB to increase community interaction by allowing for neighborhood support requests and suspicious activity reports.

Ivy Film Festival Project
Ivy Film Festival App

Developed cross-platform React Native app to display information regarding Ivy Film Festival's annual events and engage with users through scheduled activities.

PhotoFind Project

Smart Image Gallery program made using Java, JavaFX, and Microsoft Computer Vision API that allows for textual searching of images to help people easily find their cherished memories.

UScreen Project

Developed and tested iOS app with 3 team members using Swift and Apple’s ARKit to detect areas of the face lacking sunscreen.